Introducing Carmen Johnston

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About Carmen Johnston

Carmen Johnston, Garden Lifestyle Expert, The Southern Living® Plant Collection: 

Carmen Johnston is a garden designer, garden lifestyle expert and founder of the garden event company, Nectar and Company.

Carmen's passion for gardening is a passion that was passed down in her family from generation to generation. From Georgia, Carmen's father learned the art of alpine gardening and the craft of color scaping from his father, a master gardener from Austria. Carmen worked side by side with her father from a very young age, creating and designing rich, vivid landscapes year after year.

Carmen now designs for stunning events and commercial and residential properties in and around the Southeast, and she hosts unique garden parties that inspire and draw both novice and experienced gardeners back to gardening. 

As the Garden Lifestyle Expert for the Southern Living Plant Collection, Carmen contributes ideas on how to incorporate the love of gardening into day to day life. From edibles to container gardening and landscape design, Carmen shares easy-to-follow tips and creative ideas that inspire others to share in her passion for gardening. 

The Southern Living® Plant Collection, first introduced in Spring 2008, provides gardeners with innovative new plants designed to solve specific landscape challenges. Each plant in the collection is selected especially for Southern gardens and is the result of plant evaluations and research.