5 Steps for Perfecting Pieris

How to care for this petite beauty

The secret’s out – plant breeders have perfected Japanese pieris in the compact variety Mountain Snow™ Pieris. This petite shrub packs pest resistance and improved heat tolerance in a beautiful package – complete with showy cascades of white buds summer to winter that burst into bloom each spring. There’s a lot to love about this dazzling plant, from its evergreen foliage and cold hardiness to its enhancement of the shade garden. Select one (or many) for your landscape and follow these five simple steps to ensure your showstopper thrives season after season.

Above all, healthy plants are the secret to low-maintenance gardening. When given the right conditions and care, plants are more resilient and vigorous – more easily tolerating pest pressure and extreme weather. A little TLC goes a long way toward a beautiful garden!