Properly Planting Purple Pixie®

Planting Purple Pixie® Properly

Versatile Purple Pixie® Dwarf Weeping Loropetalum offers a multitude of options for landscape design from groundcover to container.

This richly-colored, durable and low maintenance shrub will enhance your landscape for many years to come – if you apply a little TLC when planting.

We'll show you how to get started.

Properly Planting Purple Pixie® photographs

1. Remove from container carefully. First, invert the plant, supporting the root ball with one hand, then gently ease the container off the root ball with the other hand. Do not pull the plant out of the container by grabbing the plant itself, as this will damage the root system and potentially lead to poor survival rates.

Properly Planting Purple Pixie® photographs

2. Plant properly. Place Purple Pixie® a little higher than original grade – approximately 1 inch – and backfill to the root ball. Then, gently lift the plant's limbs, and mulch up to the top of the root ball. Do not mulch heavily on top of the root ball, or you will increase the probability of future problems.

Properly Planting Purple Pixie® photographs

3. Do not over water. However, water thoroughly when first planted to remove air pockets and settle the soil. Allow the surrounding soil to dry between waterings. This is particularly critical as most loropetalums are sensitive to over watering. Since they do not like soggy soil, it is imperative the soil be well drained, yet capable of holding moisture.

Properly Planting Purple Pixie® photographs

4. Locate in light shade. Purple Pixie® tends to retain a deeper, richer hue when protected from the harsh, direct afternoon sun.