Plant a Warm Welcome (Free Garden Plan)

Download the Warm Welcome Container Garden Plan PDF

Even the most experienced designers use this simple technique to create dynamic arrangements!

Thriller:  Kudo Pink™ Scabiosa

Thrillers add height and drama to the planting. They can be placed at the center or back of the container, depending on the viewing angle. Both foliage and flowering plants work well as thrillers.

Filler:  Endurascape™ White Blush Verbena

Filler plants tend to have a mounding or rounded form that fills up the center of the container. Place fillers between the thriller and spiller in the container.

Spiller:  Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum

Spillers are placed at the edges and/or front of a container and spill over the edge, carrying the design downward.

Two basic designs for a “Thriller-Filler-Spiller” container planting arrange plants according to the intended viewing angle.

Tip: Repeat Colors! 

Repetition of color is a technique used to unite elements in a planting or container design. When using repetition of color, incorporate different tints and shades.

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