Our Top 5 Favorite Low Maintenance Perennials

Nectar Blue Salvia in the garden

Nectar Blue™ Salvia

An improved earlier blooming version of Black and Blue. Another great Salvia option for the mid to back of borders. Deer resistant and heavy blooming until frost. 

Bright red blooms of Saucy Red Salvia

Saucy™ Red Salvia

A stunning new Salvia variety, with a neat, but vigorous plant habit, lush green foliage that is covered with sizzling scarlet-red flower spikes from April to November. Sterile and self-cleaning, no need to deadhead '" always looks luxuriant yet tidy.

Rich wine-colored blooms of Saucy Wine Salvia

Saucy™ Wine Salvia

A vigorous, tender perennial grown for its velvety burgundy-red flower spikes and lush green foliage, Saucy Wine blooms continuously from April to November. Sterile and self-cleaning, there is no need to deadhead. Like all salvias, Saucy Wine attracts pollinators but not deer.

Fuchsia Garden Jewels Gerbera Daisy in a perennial garden bed

Fuchsia Garden Jewels™ Gerbera Daisy

Add a splash of color and cheer to your garden with this award-winning Southern perennial. This tough variety offers strong pest/disease resistance and cold-hardiness to zone 7. Enjoy extended flowering with up to 100 flowers on 12- to 14-inch stems atop lush foliage. For optimum blooms (and cut flowers), place in full sun to part shade and remove old blooms.

View other color varieties:  

Orange / Yellow Bi-color 
Frosted Hot Pink

Close-up of Indigo Frost Agapanthus perennial in a garden

Indigo Frost™ Agapanthus

Large bi-color flowers change from blue in the throat to white on the petal’s edge and are surrounded by green, strap-like foliage. Blooms open in spring, reblooming through summer.

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