Plant Combinations: Year-Long Color for Acid Soils

Think acid soils are limiting? Think again.

This acid-loving combo offers berries, blooms, and foliage for a dynamic display any time of year. Spring erupts in white blossoms with lacy clusters of Snow Joey™ Viburnum standing tall behind the bell-like ivory blooms of Mountain Snow™ Pieris. Spring flowers give way to balloon-sized blooms ofBig Daddy’ Hydrangea, whose large leaves add texture to the garden. Collect the showy flowers for bouquets, or allow them to dry on plants where they continue to add interest into the winter months. Fall brings shades of red and purple to Snow Joey™ Viburnum, while October Magic® Dawn™ Camellia shines with large pink, rose-like blossoms. Dark evergreen foliage of Camellia and Pieris provide a perfect backdrop for the bright red winter berries of Snow Joey™ and pendulous flower buds of Mountain Snow™ Pieris. Now, that’s a lot of color for four plants!

Plant List

Mountain Snow™ Pieris

‘Big Daddy’ Hydrangea

October Magic® Dawn™ Camellia

Snow Joey™ Viburnum

Combination Details

Sun Exposure: Part Sun to Shade

USDA Hardiness Zones: 7 to 8

Key Features: Attracts Birds & Butterflies, Cut Flowers, Long Bloom Season, Ornamental Berries, Year-Round Interest

Design Styles: Asian, Contemporary, Naturalistic, Woodland

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