Top 5 Plants to Warm Your Winter Soul

Planted along your favorite garden path or near a window, these winter jewels will warm your heart on a cold winter day. 

A quiet peace blankets the landscape and a subdued backdrop of greens and browns accentuates unexpected treasures from frosted blooms to brilliant berries.  

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1. Bella Rouge™ Camellia: What better way to brighten a winter day than with soft ruffles of rosy red petals? With winter blooms and evergreen foliage, camellia is the plant to fend off winter blues. Each rosy blossom has a bright yellow center like a drop of golden sunshine. 

2. ‘Marvel’ Mahonia: This stately shrub screams for attention as it erupts with sprays of yellow blooms in early winter. The fragrant flowers provide a reprise of summer and color the winter landscape in radiant hues. The plant itself is majestic, with gracefully-arching arms of deep-cut foliage radiating in whorls along upright stems. This evergreen is sure to make a statement.

3. Robin™ Holly: Brilliantly colored dark-red berries shine against deep green leaves for a stunning winter display. With a strong pyramidal form, Robin™ makes an outstanding specimen. Hollies are a flurry of activity in winter, sheltering and feeding a variety of birds that are sure to provide countless hours of entertainment. 

4. ‘Kaleidoscope’ Abelia: A plant that shifts color with the seasons, ‘Kaleidoscope’ paints the winter garden in golden hues. The arching branches form a vibrant mound highlighted with red and orange accents. Mass this playful shrub in your entryway beds for a warm winter welcome. 

5. Snow Joey™ Viburnum: Viburnums are quintessential winter shrubs with masses of bright-colored fruits that attract a diversity of birds. The bright red fruits of Snow Joey are no exception. Fruits hang in large clusters along bare winter branches. After dropping its leaves in fall, Snow Joey exposes dappled-gray bark and a graceful vase-like form.