Style Your Home and Patio with Agapanthus

By: Kimberly Toscano

Create striking displays with the sturdy stems and stunning blooms of Agapanthus. 

Few plants are as amenable to styling as agapanthus. Each stalk is a self-contained retrospective of drama – showy, solid, and elegant. With gracefully-arching foliage, long strong stems, and explosive flower heads, every element of the plant shines. The Southern Living®Plant Collection includes a dozen stellar varieties perfect for decorating your table or terrace. Looking for design inspiration? Read on.

Bundle Up the Blooms 

Gather handfuls of agapanthus stems into vases for a simple but effective way to showcase these spectacular blossoms. The long shoots and rounded flower heads work well in tall, flared vases. Or cut the stems short and pack flowers tightly into a short, cubed vase. Also try displaying blooms singly. Such a gorgeous flower requires very little primping to show off. Set single blooms in bud vases throughout the living room or on patio tables.

Go Vertical

Agapanthus stems are not just sturdy – their straight, smooth lines inspire extraordinary designs. Let those long legs show by standing agapanthus stems high above accompanying cut flowers and greenery. Use a frog, needle holder, or florist foam to keep stalks upright. For a dynamic display, vary the heights of agapanthus blooms by cutting the stems at different lengths. A staggered effect adds movement to the arrangment.

Break It Up

Less is more, as the old adage goes. Separate individual florets from the flower head for use in diminutive arrangements. Float single flowers in a shallow dish of water or fill bud vases and tea cups with small bundles of florets. For a unique table display, intermix miniature arrangements among larger ones. Surprise dinner guests with individual bouquets at each place setting.

Let Your Creativity Flow

Agapanthus are perfect for artistic styling and Ikebana-inspired arrangements. Keep simplicity in mind. Look for ways to showcase the plant’s elegance and superb architecture. Instill a sense of movement by incorporating twisting blades of grass or bare branches. Or put those long stems to the test by playing with extremes in balance. Let your imagination run wild.

Indigo Frost Agapanthus looks stunning on the patio in wooden containers and mixed perennials.

Container Magic

Agapanthus is one of those plants that fills a container all by itself. Lush foliage flows in elegant arcs while boisterous blooms stand tall in a theatrical display. The clean lines and sophistication of agapanthus make it ideal for repeating throughout the patio. Use large containers to define space or line a stairwell. Growing agapanthus in containers allows gardeners in cooler climates to enjoy these stunning plants. 

Browse Agapanthus varieties in the Southern Living® Plant Collection.

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