Stand-Out Perennials for Southern Climates

The Southern garden erupts with blooms in spring, sings with stunning flowers and foliage each fall, and stands green and resilient through the winter months. In summer, heat and humidity take their toll on all but the most resilient trees and shrubs. Crapemyrtles wave papery blooms in the gentle breeze, while hydrangeas nod their heavy heads. As the heavy summer air lulls many garden plants into sleepy repose, perennials shoot their colorful blooms skyward as if taunting the scorching sun.

Not just any perennial can stand up to summer in the deep South, with soaring temperatures and high humidity. That is why the Southern Living® Plant Collection searches far and wide to find perennials worthy of joining the collection. Each season a different selection of perennials is offered, including new introductions, time-tested favorites, and trial garden standouts. Like all Southern Living® Plant Collection selections, a great deal of time and energy is put into selecting perennials worthy of the Southern Living® name, with vibrant long-lasting blooms, clean foliage, and exceptional heat tolerance.

The Best in Plant Breeding

Southern Living Plant Collection’s perennials represent the best new varieties to hit the market, from unique hybrids to the outstanding breeding lines of Drakensberg Daisy™ Hardy Garden Gerbera. We are always on the lookout for improved hardiness, heat tolerance, and disease-resistance – in short, perennials that can take summer in the South. Phenomenal™ Lavender, for example, thrives in humid conditions, a trait uncommon among lavender.  

Stunning Collections

Our growing collection of Southern favorites offer longer-lasting blooms, heat tolerance, and pest resistance. We know Agapanthus are an essential component to Southern gardens. That’s why we’ve searched out the boldest colors and improved hardiness for dynamic floral displays year after year. Our Salvia collection includes a variety of colors, from deep purple to vibrant red, blooming spring to frost for non-stop blossoms butterflies and hummingbirds can’t resist.

Hardy Natives

Native plants are not to be overlooked when it comes to perennial beauty. Widely adaptable and exceptionally hardy, our Echinacea and Gaillardia selections are exceptionally floriferous and won’t fade in the heat. Spring-blooming Sassy Grass™ Sisyrinchium makes the perfect companion, extending the blooms season and adding unique grass-like foliage to the garden. 

Fantastic Foliage

Colorful foliage is a must in the Southern garden. Our collection of Heucherellas are heat tolerant and offer a shifting tapestry of color through the seasons. The stunning blue foliage of Clarity Blue™ Dianella is incredibly drought-tolerant, providing the perfect accent for containers or dry reaches of the garden.

A Touch of the Tropics

Heat and humidity are no match for tropical plants. ‘Black Ripple’ Colocasia and Bells of Fire™ Tecoma, selected because of clean, disease-free and longer-bloom season characteristics, respectively, provide tropical beauty that shines all summer long. 

Low Maintenance

Easy care just might be a mantra when it comes to selecting Southern Living® Plant Collection perennials. Put away the pruners and forget deadheading, summer bloomers like Saucy™ Salvia and Firestorm® Lantana are self-cleaning and endlessly stunning, blooming spring to fall right through the dog days of summer.

All our plants are proven performers. Whether you are looking for fabulous foliage or non-stop blooms, you can’t go wrong with Southern Living® Plant Collection perennials

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