Create an Elegant Garden Design Using Gardenias and Hydrangeas

Few plants root themselves as deeply along memory lane as gardenia, with a nostalgic aroma that summons days long past.

Download Plant Lasting Impressions Garden Plan PDF

Create a garden ripe for growing new memories with the sweet fragrance of ScentAmazing™ Gardenia. Pair this season-long bloomer with the lush foliage of oakleaf hydrangea and an elegant, yet straightforward color palette for classic Southern charm.

Every garden has a service area where tool storage, composting, potting and other garden activities take place. The sample design beautifies the garden workspace through verdant foliage and evergreen color. Where does the pathway lead – a potting bench or compost pile? Tucked beyond blooming oakleaf hydrangeas and sprays of Saucy™ Wine Salvia, the garden’s service area disappears into the ornamental landscape.

The planting design can be adapted to a variety of garden locations. Imagine the shed as a corner of your house. The pathway transforms into an inviting side-yard stroll erupting with blooms. Repetition of purple hues draws visitors through the garden, from the rich foliage of ‘Twilight’ Heucherella to the playful blooms of ‘Kudo Pink’ Scabiosa and past vibrant spikes of Saucy™ Wine Salvia.

Now replace the tool shed with an open flagstone patio to create a serene garden room perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Complete the space with cozy lounge chairs and purple-toned container plantings. For the ultimate in tranquility, add a small trickling fountain.

With a little imagination, the possibilities are endless for creating memorable, fragrant garden rooms featuring ScentAmazing™ Gardenia.

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