Meet the Delta Series of Crapemyrtles

When the first of the Delta Series Crapemyrtles arrived years ago at the botanic garden where I was working, let’s just say I was a little giddy. The plant was Delta Jazz® Crapemyrtle and the excitement revolved entirely around its luxuriant foliage. Just waking from winter dormancy, the emerging leaves shone like bronze. As the days progressed, the foliage turned darker, taking on a deep maroon color that proved to hold throughout the summer heat. In Oklahoma’s intense sun, that is quite a feat. So as new varieties started joining the Delta Series, it has been hard to contain my excitement.

Meet the Family

The Delta Series includes seven stunning varieties -- each cultivar blooms profusely and grows at a moderately fast rate to a mature height of 8 to 12 feet, spreading 4 to 6 feet wide. The deer-resistant shrubs are exceptionally heat tolerant, performing beautifully in full sun to part shade within USDA Hardiness Zones 7 to 9. The deep maroon foliage has high mildew resistance, offering a clean look in the landscape. 

Introducing the Delta Series Crapemyrtles:

Captivating Contrast

Brilliant flowers set against cupped, burgundy-maroon foliage create a unique and eye-catching contrast of color in the garden, making Delta Series Crapemyrtles ideal specimens. The intriguing foliage also contrasts delightfully with many other landscape plants. Consider foliage texture and color when selecting companion plants. Brightly colored shrubs in golden hues such as ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum and Miss Lemon™ Abelia bring out the purple tones of Delta Series. Tree-form crapemyrtles look their best with a low-growing carpet of color. Marc Anthony® Liriope and Evercolor® ‘Everillo’ Carex work well to set the stage for Delta Series. For flowering options, daylilies or the verdant foliage and bright blooms of ice plant offer lovely complements to any crapemyrtle. 

Savvy Styling

The semi-dwarf growth habit and sturdy branches of Delta Series are perfect for shaping into a small specimen tree. Tree-form crapemrytles make eye-catching focal points and provide multiple seasons of interest from summer blooms to vibrant orange fall color to a striking winter silhouette. Delta Series Crapemyrtles also work well in large containers to provide specimens on patios, decks and other outdoor rooms. Group plants in rows for a colorful hedge, or plant clusters to create a mass of color in beds and borders. The dark foliage will add depth to any planting. With a diversity of flower color and styling options, there is a Delta Series Crapemyrtle for every landscape.

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