A Gift that Grows

The holiday season is upon us and finding just the right holiday gift for a loved one, colleague, business contact, teacher or service provider can sometimes be a challenge.

Research has shown that men, women and children alike truly appreciate botanical gifts and that people who give plants and flowers as gifts are perceived as successful, caring and more able to express their emotions.

So giving plants can actually enhance your image.

The best way to give the perfect plant is to find the right one for each recipient.

Experienced, avid gardeners and even novice or occasional gardeners may prefer a plant that can be used in their landscape. Non-gardeners can also enjoy a landscape plant, especially one that is easy to care for, though they also appreciate potted plants that can be used indoors.

When picking plants for people you don’t know well enough to know their gardening proficiency, look for ones that will be beautiful in a pot for an extended period of time but also can be transplanted into a yard setting if they choose to do so. Among these are dwarf shrubs and trees, vines, bulbs and ornamental grasses. 

All you have to do is buy healthy, attractive plants, then put them in a unique container or spruce up any ordinary pot using ribbons, wrapping paper or other decorations. (Make sure to include proper care and maintenance instructions with your gift.)

If you want to go all out, include with the plant other handy gardening items such as gloves, clippers, a trowel or a book or magazine subscription. 

The Southern Living Plant Collection offers many wonderful options for your gift-giving needs.

Plants we recommend:

1.  Mandevilla Vogue® ‘Sophia’ and ‘Vivian’ selections add a touch of the tropics to the home and garden.

2.  'Angyo Star' Fatshedera, with its lovely sweet-gum shaped green and creamy-white bordered leaves, makes a handsome ivy-like vine in a pot or for the landscape.

Want to choose a plant that will thrive in a container? Try one of these:

3.  Southgate™ Grace™ Rhododendron 

4.  The October Magic™ Inspiration Camellia 

5.  Nandina

6.  Twist of Pink™ Variegated Oleander  

7.  ‘Orange Blossom Special’ Dwarf Pomegranate

8.  Yewtopia® Plum Yew

9.  Mojo® Pittosporum

Larger trees and shrubs can also be great gifts. 

10.  ‘Scarlet’s Peak’ Holly and the Early Bird™ Crapemyrtles, for example, are impressive in pots or in the landscape.

The options are almost endless, so explore the many Southern Living Plant Collection options and find just the right plant, then pair it with a Southern Living book or magazine subscription for a truly exceptional gift package that will ensure your generosity and taste are appreciated for years to come.