Hollies for the Holidays

Southern Living® Plant Collection's Oakland® Holly and Robin™ Holly will bring timeless tradition to your home and deck your halls with boughs of Holly!

The holiday season is fast approaching and we have all the sights, sounds, and smells reminding us it’s time for holiday cheer and festivities. Chilly weather is balanced by the coziness of wood burning fires, soft blankets, and cinnamon spiced apple cider (or hot chocolate). Stores are decorated with fairy lights and Christmas trees while enticing us with all our favorite winter goodies from pumpkin pie to eggnog. It’s enough inspiration to get started on home decorating.

5 easy decorating ideas to try with your Oakland® Holly and Robin™ Holly:

1. Trim Holly branches and add them to a vase as a centerpiece. They are beautiful standing alone or mixed with holiday flowers and pine.

2. Create Holly infused garland, wreaths and swags - it’s great for covering unsightly wires and other structural elements.

3. As part of the table setting, place a small Holly clipping on plates or tuck in the napkin ring.

4. Use Holly leaves and berries when decorating presents. Holly leaves and berries are festive alternatives to bows and ribbons or can be used as a complement to both.

5. Plant smaller Hollies in containers for decorating inside and out. The Southern Living® Plant Collection varieties have a natural pyramidal shape that can easily be trimmed into topiary Christmas trees. Decorate your Hollies with fairy lights and ornaments or let them speak for themselves.

Holly offers endless decorating possibilities. The Southern Living® Plant Collection’s Oakland® Holly and Robin™ Holly, boast traditional holly-shaped leaves with plump red berries that can be used just about anywhere. Whether newly purchased or growing in the yard, spruce up your holidays with Holly.

Here's a Tip: To keep your trimmed Holly looking fresh, place your Holly decorations away from direct sun and heat and store them in water when possible. If using them as garland or in a wreath or swag, help the foliage maintain moisture with floral foam or anti-desiccant spray.