Habranthus Pink Rain Lily

Habranthus robustus

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There are many rain lilies that bloom all across the world, but few put on the show of Habranthus robustus. This pink rain lily will bloom 4 to 6 times in one summer, not minding the heat or humidity. They can be seen performing in shady areas and in full sun. These larger rain lily bulbs quickly clump and spread, offering a showy display in an otherwise dormant summer garden.


Bloom/Feature 3-4 pink blooms per stalk
Plant Type Spring Bulbs
Evergreen or Deciduous Deciduous
USDA Zones 6,7,8,9,10,11
Zone Detail Hardy to -10°F
Key Features Returns year after year
Use Border, container, accent
Exposure Full sun to part shade
Bloom Season Summer
Dimension 8-10" H x Clumping
Growth Rate Moderate to fast


Water Natural Southern rainfall
Soil Type Acidic, moist, well-drained, humus-rich soil
Fertilizer Mix in low amount of n-p-k before planting
Pruning None necessary

Planting Instructions

plant in full sun to part shade
soil should be 2-3” over the bulb
plant in well-drained soil
natural rainfall is best; likes to dry out in summertime
natural Southern rainfall
mulch in hard frost areas