2018 Plant Promotion Schedule

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2017 Plant Promotion Schedule

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2017 Plant Promotion Schedule

Marketing Plan 2017

Take a sneak peek at what's in store for our spring ad campaigns...

Monthly Plant Spotlights Drive Traffic

• Top selling varieties promoted through signage, social media, web content, e-blasts, and in select months, Southern Living ads.

Seven Full-Page Southern Living Ads

• Full-page ads in March (1), April (3), and May (3). Reaching 16 million readers each month – Value $1,786,400.

Internet Advertising Campaign

• Three month internet advertising campaign on top 500 sites for garden enthusiasts, yielding 6.5 million impressions!

• Exclusive sponsorships of southernliving.com content ensures messaging reaches consumers interested in gardening or landscaping.

Unparalleled Investment in Content

• Beautiful photography shot by national magazine photographers invites consumers to bring the Southern Living brand home to their gardens and landscapes.

• Social media and web content provides solutions and inspiration through design articles, project recipes, and companion planting suggestions.

• More videos and how-to projects to inspire and assist customers.