Pruning 101: How to prune liriope

Liriope is a versatile workhorse in the garden. It is terrific used as a border or planted en masse. It's a great solution for slopes or shady areas requiring a groundcover. To keep it looking its best, you may choose to prune it occasionally. It's simple to do. Here are some tips.

The best time to prune Liriope, like the Southern Living® Plant Collection's Marc Anthony® Liriope and Cleopatra™ Liriope, is in late winter or early spring before new growth. 

You can prune large groups of Liriope using the lawn mower on its highest setting, but be careful not to cut into or below the crown of the plant. 

For smaller areas, use hedging shears to cut the foliage down to the crown.

Cut as low as you can without harming the crown as this is where new growth begins.

After new growth has emerged, maintain the appearance of the plant by trimming discolored foliage and removing dead flower spikes.