Plant Spring Bulbs for Upcoming Summer and Fall Beauty

After the fear of frost, spring is the best time to plant the Southern Living® Collection'ssummer and fall blooming Spring Bulbs.

The Southern Living® Plant Collection groups bulbs according to their planting season. Spring Bulbs are planted in spring and bloom in summer and fall. In spring, these bulbs begin their growing season and growth cycle.

First, the bulb focuses on sending out new foliage in late spring or summer.

The foliage helps provide the nutrients needed for new blooms in summer or fall. In winter, the bulbs go dormant and then the cycle begins again in spring. Plant these summer and fall blooming Spring Bulbs now to enjoy timeless beauty later.

'Ellen Bosanquet' Crinum Lily blooms dark pink trumpet flowers 2 - 3 times beginning in mid summer.

Habranthus Pink Rain Lily blooms white and pink flowers 4 - 6 times throughout summer.

Hardy Amaryllis blooms red flowers with white stripes late spring to early summer.

Pink Crinum Lily blooms soft pink trumpet flowers 2 - 3 times from late spring through summer and multiplies year after year.

White Crinum Lily blooms white trumpet flowers 2 - 3 times from late spring through summer and multiplies year after year.

Zephyranthes Pink Rain Lily blooms large bright pink flowers 3 - 4 times summer through fall.

Bulb Planting and Care Instructions:

To plant bulbs, space holes 8 - 13 inches apart and dig 3 times deeper than the length of the bulb. Bury bulbs with the tip facing upwards and gently pat with soil. Bulbs like to be dry during their dormancy period. You can either leave the bulbs in the ground and select a location that will keep the bulbs dry or dig up the bulbs, store them in a well ventilated container, and then replant in their respective planting season. Add a layer of mulch to the bulbs' soil to protect them from extreme weather conditions and temperature variations. Fertilize bulbs immediately before or at the beginning of flowering. Since bulbs multiply from the parent bulb over time, you will eventually need to dig up and replant areas that become over crowded as over-crowding causes poor ventilation, a decrease in flower size, and uneven growth.