Plant Spotlight: ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum

‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum’s bright, cheerful foliage is sure to add a ray of sunshine to any landscape.

Ideal for the sun garden, this yellow-hued beauty is at home virtually anywhere, from container to hedge. Plant this stunner en masse for striking, natural curb appeal all year long. Our experts have plenty of ideas for incorporating some ‘Sunshine’ into your garden, from Carmen Johnston’s instant border to Kimberly Toscano’s design advice for combining color in the landscape

There are plenty of plants in our collection that pair beautifully with ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum, complementing one another in color, texture or care characteristics.

‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum’s versatile size (3 to 6' high by 3-4' wide) and low maintenance, evergreen nature make it a garden workhorse in a show-stopping package. Here are five fresh ways to put it to use in your garden!