Joe Biden gives married men advice: Give your wife flowers

Posted: May 28, 2013

Radell Smith from points out that giving flowers to your wife is an important way of showing your love -- and the Southern Living Plant Collections shrub roses are the perfect flower to give...

Joe Biden wasn't speaking to Georgian Mike Sparks in particular when he said married menneeded to continue to court their wives during his tour of the Serrezuela flower farm in Bogota this week. But on May 28, the Washington Examiner reported that Biden was speaking to most men when he called for them to give their wives more attention, even if it meant picking them some flowers.

Mike Sparks has been bestowing attention on his wife Lynette faithfully for years if you ask her, even growing and pruning Knock-Out Roses for her. So if Biden thinks grabbing fistfuls of the flower during a foreign trip constitutes "courting" his wife, he may need advice from the southern gentleman instead.

Like Biden, Sparks knows how much his wife loves flowers, but he doesn't pop into flower farms where he can grab the bounty someone else worked hard to cultivate in order to please his wife. Instead, this North Georgia male tends to his wife's roses on a personal basis each week, showing her, through his weekly labor of love, that she matters to him.

Georgian Mike Sparks courts his wife by caring for her Knock Out Roses from the Southern Living Plant Collection before Joe Biden gave married men advice about women and flowers.

Vice President Biden may not be taking time to grow roses for his wife, but at least he is taking the time to tell other men that they don't need to forget the one they love. And who can fault him for that?

Hopefully America's married men will heed Biden's advice by planting their wives a new rose bush this spring. And then they can do like Mike Sparks and show her how much they really love her by caring for it each week.

The Southern Living Plant Collection people want to help with that, as they have introduced two new rose shrubs that are sure to please your wife.

The new introductions by SLPC include the All-A-Flutter shrub rose (which has big beautiful fuschia pink blooms), and the Majesty shrub rose, which boasts deep-red blooms. And the great thing about these rose bushes is that they are disease-resistant and produce blooms from spring until fall, so your wife can be happy for longer.

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