A majestic rose that reblooms spring until fall in the South, low maintenance

Posted: Jun 15, 2014

Radell Smith from Examiner.com showcases the Southern Living Plant Collection's Shrub Roses...

Lots of roses claim to be disease and pest resistant, and to bloom three seasons of the year, but not all of them deliver what they promise. And it depends in part on what type of rose you are trying to grow--and where you are trying to grow it. One rose that is proving to deliver in a North Georgia trial garden is the Southern Living Plant Collection shrub rose known as Majestic.

Large velvety-soft red blooms adorn this garden shrub, and it currently sits in full sun, where it was supposed to be planted. And although it is currently located in zone 7, it can also thrive in zones 5-11, enjoying a moderate to fast growth if conditions are right, like having well-draining soil.

Reaching a height of 3-feet wide and tall, this disease-resistant rose puts out a profuse blush of blooms all at one time, then regroups to do it all again, if you deadhead it throughout the growing season.

Debugging roses that start showing signs of pest attacks, however, should include removing and destroying any infested buds, blossoms or leafs by putting them in a plastic bag and placing in a garbage container. Don't put them on your compost pile, according to the Garden Doctors, as you don't want the pests just moving to another plant.

Fortunately, the Majestic shrub rose is a low maintenance plant, requiring the usual watering if it has not rained much that week, but little else, other than a routine deadheading, when the blooms begin to look spent, which takes a while. You can also enjoy a fuschia-pink colored version of this shrub rose with SLPC's All A Flutter product. It is also a three-season bloomer that puts out large quantities of blooms and resists pests that threaten most other roses.