Add Timeless Beauty with Gardenias and Their Companion Plants

Gardenias are a standard in traditional southern gardens, beloved for their captivating fragrance and deep green foliage. ScentAmazing™ Gardenia is a compact variety that brings this cherished plant into the modern age. Whether your gardening style is classic elegance or modern-chic, ScentAmazing™ will add grace and charm to your garden.

The Classics

The deep green foliage and white blooms of ScentAmazing™ Gardenia are perfect for pairing. To establish a classic look, turn to old-fashioned standards as planting companions. Hydrangeas of any type make exceptional partners with their large, sculpted leaves and buoyant blooms. For a romantic white garden try planting with Tara™, a compact oakleaf hydrangea. Dear Dolores™ Hydrangea is a slightly smaller option that will bloom blue in the acidic soil required for healthy gardenias.  

Camellia is another classic counterpart to gardenia. Camellias bloom late in the fall as cold temperatures halt gardenia flower production, thus carrying the bloom season into the winter months. Try a variety such as October Magic® Bride™ Camellia to continue the look of an all-white garden. For a touch of color among the fading winter landscape, October Magic® Pink Perplexion™ Camellia adds soft pink blooms that will warm your soul.

Color Complements

The compact size of ScentAmazing™ Gardenia places these beauties toward the center of a planting, where they can be accented by a colorful ground layer of foliage or flowers. For a traditional look, the silvery-purple foliage of ‘Twilight’ Heucherella adds elegance and drama to the planting. This duo also works well in a container.

A flowering ground cover is less traditional, but just as effective. Plant a floral carpet of lavender-pink blooms with 'Kudo Pink’ Scabiosa. The lacy flowers stand tall above compact mounds of foliage and cover the plant all season. Also try raising 'Kudo Pink’ in containers so their blossoms sway just above the shoulders of ScentAmazing™.

For a deeper shade of purple try Saucy™ Wine Salvia. With a compact habit and exceptional flower-power, Saucy™ Wine adds constant color in a tidy package. The blooms complement ScentAmazing™ Gardenia without disrupting the elegance of the planting. Use colorful accents sparingly so as not to detract from gardenia’s star performance.

Planting Tips

When selecting planting companions for gardenia pay close attention to the growing requirements of each plant. Choose plants that thrive in similar light, water and soil conditions. Gardenia does not tolerate root competition. Allow plenty of space between ScentAmazing™ and neighboring shrubs, and select groundcovers with shallow root systems.