Plant Combinations: ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum & Purple Daydream® Loropetalum

Add a one-two punch of color to the landscape with the powerful combination of ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum and Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum.

Pow! Bam! Zap! A dynamic duo of color and style, ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum and Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum add unbridled energy to the landscape. Dramatic color defines this pairing with complementary hues that truly pop. Plant the duet as an eye-catching accent in a mixed border, or make a bold statement by lining a walkway in long swaths of purple and gold. Wherever you plant them, get grounded with a bed of EverColor® ‘Eversheen’ Carex. The delicate gold stripes of ‘Eversheen’ echo the vibrant hues of ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum, while the fine leaf blades provide a contrast in texture. For a softer finish, carpet the ground in the creamy tones of EverColor® ‘Everlite’ Carex.


Plant List

‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum

Purple Daydream® Dwarf Loropetalum

EverColor® Carex: ‘Eversheen’ and ‘Everlite’


Combination Details

Sun Exposure: Full Sun to Part Shade

USDA Hardiness Zones: 7 to 10

Key Features: Accent Planting, Dramatic Foliage Color, Easy Care, Year-round Interest

Design Styles: Container, Contemporary, Cottage, Rustic

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