Emphasize the Entryway

A well-designed garden directs visitors in the right direction – namely the front door. This may seem obvious, but we’ve all visited homes where the entrance is hidden behind an overgrown tree or shrub. Create a visual “landing pad” for guests by accenting the entryway with color and structure. You can apply a similar strategy along entry walks and at other “doorways” such as garden gates.


Warm, bright colors draw the eye and visually jump toward the viewer, providing the perfect tool for grabbing attention. Warm colors include tints and shades of red, orange, and yellow hues. Another tool to consider is contrast. Contrasting colors fall opposite one another on the color wheel and provide a figurative exclamation point when paired in the garden.

Our garden is already bursting with the golden radiance of ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum. We’ve made the entryway distinct by echoing that color through flowers and foliage unique to this section of the landscape, including Lydia™ Tecoma and Lime Sizzler™ Firebush. For contrast and flair, we’ve added the vibrant blooms of Pink Garden Jewels™ and White Garden Jewels™ Gerbera Daisies. Play with different color combinations to find the right palette for your home and garden.

Structural Accents

Another way to visually emphasize the entryway is through structure. Upright plant forms, bold foliage, and lavish containers are great ways to accent any area of the garden. Our entryway uses the large golden blooms of Lydia™ Tecoma and simple containers to provide height and mass.

Containers provide an easy and affordable design solution for beginner and advanced gardeners alike. They are endlessly adaptable to meet the needs of your unique space. The containers flanking our stairway repeat the dominant yellow color theme through the electric foliage of Lime Sizzler™ Firebush. ‘Amistad’ Salvia is equally vivid and adds upright structure to the planting.

Building a garden from scratch can be costly. Start by investing in one or more structural accents to highlight the entryway, and use inexpensive annual bedding plants to provide color. You can slowly replace annuals with perennials and shrubs over time as the budget allows.

Download this Entryway Garden Plan PDF


  • ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum   
  • Irish Mint™ Euonymous  
  • Amethyst Falls™ Wisteria   
  • Ever White™ Agapanthus  
  • Ever Sapphire™ Agapanthus  
  • Chef’s Choice® Rosemary  
  • Low Rider™ Holly  
  • Sassy Grass™ Sisyrinchium  
  • White Garden Jewels™ Gerbera Daisy   
  • Pink Garden Jewels™ Gerbera Daisy   
  • Peach Glow Little Lucky™ Lantana   
  • Baby Gem™ Boxwood   
  • Lime Sizzler™ Firebush
  • 'Amistad' Salvia