Something Borrowed, Something Bloomed

After making hundreds of big, bright, blooming bouquets, an all-green wedding bouquet is such a breath of fresh air! This arrangement – made completely of foliage – is equally as stunning as a flower bouquet, but with an elegance of its own.

I’ve always had somewhat of a crush on the texture and array of colors offered by foliage. It’s completely natural and complements a white dress perfectly. Also, if you’re working with a slightly smaller budget for your big day, foliage is the way to go! You should be able to find what you need from your own (or your friend's) garden. Then, after the ceremony, you can return all of the foliage to your garden as a sweet reminder of your special day. After all, the next step for you love birds is making your new nest feel like home. 

What better way to start merging your different styles and tastes than with something as sweet and sentimental as your wedding day bouquet?

How to make a bridal bouquet:

Step 1: Gather two bunches of Mojo® Pittosporum. Remove the bottom leaves to expose clean stems. 

Step 2: Surround the Mojo® Pittosporum with 5 stems of Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela. (This is my absolute favorite foliage and I am confident that you will feel the same.)

Step 3:  Add the 5 sprigs of Early Bird™ Lavender Crapemyrtle.

Step 4: Insert the Lenton roses and Empress of China® Dogwood throughout the bouquet.

Step 5: Secure the bouquet stems with a zip tie.

Step 6: Wrap a ribbon around bouquet to conceal the zip tie.

Be sure to keep your bouquet in water until needed for pictures. This allows the greenery to drink and look fresh for both the ceremony and its close up.

I just love the way all of the foliage works together in the bouquet. The various green hues and textures look flawless, creating a fresh look for any wedding this spring!


  • 3 gallon Rainbow Sensation™ Weigela
  • 3 gallon Early Bird™ Lavender Crapemyrtle
  • 3 gallon Mojo® Pittosporum
  • 5 sprigs of Empress of China™ Dogwood
  • 5 sprigs of lenton roses


  • Zip tie

  • Ribbon (color your choice)