Modern Garden Style to Complement Your Home

By Kimberly Toscano

When is the last time your garden received a makeover?

Just like interior rooms, landscapes become dated over time. Some plants age with grace, while others grow gangly and unattractive. Many old-fashioned varieties have a tendency to outgrow their original planting site, swallowing neighboring plants and protruding into walkways. Modern cultivars make it easy to revitalize the landscape with compact varieties that stay in place and exciting new forms to match any house style. 

Fire Chief™ Arborvitae and Beyond Blue™ Festuca energize this tired landscape (above left) with vibrant color and playful texture (above right). Designed with functionality in mind, pairing low-growing shrubs and textural grass provides a warm welcome without hiding the home from view. This design is perfect for entry gardens, sidewalk connections, and street-side plantings to provide a striking first impression. Try installing similar plantings around patios and garden rooms to create a sense of enclosure without screening out the surrounding world.

This color-savvy design echoes the warm earthy tones of the home’s brickwork and woodwork in the fiery orange foliage of Fire Chief™ while Beyond Blue™ Festuca complements the gray-blue siding. Porch containers carry the color to the doorway. Adapt the design to your own home by substituting plants with similar growth habits in colors that complement your home.

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