Southern Living Plants Featured:

Chef's Choice Rosemary Chef’s Choice® Rosemary
Allure guests with the fragrance and texture of Chef’s Choice. This low-maintenance wonder has a compact form but a big impact.
Crazy Pink™ Echinacea
With immense flower-power and vibrant color, this beauty invites more than guests to the home. Birds and butterflies love it!
‘Sunset Orange’ Gaillardia
Thrives in the high heat and bright sun of this southern exposure while producing a full season of radiant, colorfast blooms.
‘Semmes Beauty’ Oakleaf Hydrangea 

Autumn Brilliance Serviceberry

Blue Velvet St. John's Wort

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Invite visitors into your home with a lively display of color. A profusion of flowering annuals or perennials will draw attention to the entry and guide visitors in the right direction. Consider species that bloom over a long season, such as ‘Celebration’ Gaillardia featured here. Balance color with the strong structure and form found in shrubs and grasses. Appeal to the senses by incorporating texture and fragrance in the design.

The entrance to a home or garden should be obvious and not hidden behind overgrown trees and shrubs. Take away the guesswork for visitors by establishing a wide and welcoming pathway or stairwell surrounded by low-growing plants. Use narrow vertical accents sparingly to add height and definition. In this design, plant materials are repeated along both sides of the two entryways to unify the space. Shrubs anchor the garden into the surrounding landscape. Careful attention to detail will make your visitors feel as though you’ve rolled out the red carpet.

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