5 Must Have Plants for Spring

This is why we chose 5 must have plants for spring – each variety requires little maintenance, possesses individually unique characteristics, and blooms vibrant flowers in white, yellow, pink, and purple between spring and early winter.

These must have shrubs and trees grow in different sun exposures from full sun to shade, can be watered as needed, and are hardy to 0 degrees Fahrenheit. Make your landscaping dream a reality with the Southern Living® Plant Collection.

1. Jubilation™ Gardenia brings beautiful milky white double blooms that open spring through fall and fill the air with their pleasantly sweet aroma. This evergreen shrub's fragrant flowers and love of heat and humidity makes it a Southern favorite. Jubilation Gardenias thrive in full sun with a little afternoon shade and in moist, but well-drained acidic soil.

2. Purple Diamond® Semi-dwarf Loropetalum delivers an impact with magenta ribbon flowers in spring and deep purple foliage all year round. Use as a backdrop in flowers beds or as a standalone shrub feature. Plant in full sun to part shade with moist, acidic well-drained soil. Read what the Grumpy Gardner has to say about Purple Diamond® in his article, "What - a - Petalums."

3. ‘Soft Caress' Mahonia brings a bamboo alternative to the shade garden. If you are needing something special in those areas where the sun shines less bright, this is the perfect plant. In early winter, ‘Soft Caress' blooms little yellow flowers atop its feathery evergreen foliage. Read more about this hardy plant in "‘Soft Caress' - A Softer, Gentler Mahonia."

4. Delta Jazz® Crapemyrtle boasts dark burgundy cupped leaves and bright pink blooms summer through fall. These contrasting colors are sure to bring unique perspective and envious eye gazing to your landscape. Delta Jazz is a moderate to fast growing Crapemyrtle that enjoys full sun or a little shade.

5. Early Bird™ Crapemyrtles have an advantage over other Crapemyrtles as they begin blooming in late spring rather than summer. Since the bloom season starts earlier, you'll enjoy them for longer from 100 - 120 days! Also, you have a choice in flower colors: lavender, purple, and white. As with Delta Jazz Crapemyrtles, Early Bird is low-maintenance and moderate to fast growing.