5 Dramatic Designs for Delta Crapemyrtles

5 Dramatic Designs for Delta Crapemyrtles

Now, how do you put them to use in the landscape? Crapemyrtles are garden workhorses and quite versatile in the landscape. Try one of these design ideas to showcase the unique beauty of Delta Series varieties.

1. Frame an Entrance

Flanking the entrance to a pathway or building with a vertical element transforms a simple threshold into a defined gateway. A pair of Delta Fuchsia™ Crapemyrtles planted on either side of an entrance path delineates the opening and sends an invitation to come inside. The upright structure creates a sort of portal into the garden. Likewise, flanking a door with Delta Moonlight™ works to frame the entryway and provide greater emphasis.

2. Make a Statement

With a long bloom season, showy foliage and dappled bark, Delta crapemyrtles make striking specimens, both in the ground and in containers. Emphasize plant structure by planting singly and shaping the crapemyrtle into a multi-trunk tree form. This is done by removing all but three to five of the strongest stems and removing side branches from the lower third of each remaining trunk. Place containers or plant crapemyrtles in the ground in a prominent location.

3. Accent a Mixed Border

The upright, vase-like structure of Delta crapemyrtles adds movement to a border planting, interrupting more common mounded and round plant forms with a vertical element. For a dynamic border planting, plant Delta Fusion™ Crapemyrtles with rounded flowering shrubs such as ‘Radiance’ Abelia and Ultra Violet™ Buddleia. Add low-growing flowering perennials for bursts of color. The large flower heads and strappy foliage of Ever Sapphire™ Agapanthus make an ideal companion.

4. Line ‘Em Up

Crapemyrtles are perfectly structured for long, linear plantings to welcome guests as they pass along an entryway or drive. The arching branches lift upward from the ground and bend gracefully outward, as if offering an embrace. For greatest affect, remove lower branches to expose the smooth multi-hued bark and “legs” of the plant. For a formal look, carpet the ground beneath Delta Breeze™ Crapemyrtle with a mass of flowering perennials such as Endurascape™ ‘White Blush’ Verbena. Alter the ground cover to match your unique style, add fragrance with Phenomenal™ Lavender or create a more playful look with masses of Crazy White™ Echinacea.

5. Colorful Clusters

Masses of Delta crapemyrtles can be used to screen a view, provide privacy or create an explosion of color. When planting hedges, space plants tightly to limit views between plants. For screening and privacy, take advantage of deeper planting beds, staggering plants in multiple layers to eliminate gaps between individuals. Masses of shrubs require masses of companion plants for visual balance. Think about creating blocks of color or texture to complement groups of crapemyrtles. Remember to vary the height and size of each grouping to provide interest and avoid monotony.