Streetside Garden Plan

Southern Living Plants Featured:

Chef's Choice Rosemary Crazy White™ Echinacea
Provides a mass of flowers to anchor the street corner. Low-maintenance and long blooming is ideal for out-of-the way spaces.
Southgate® Grace™ Rhododendron
Evergreen foliage and early-season blooms provide year-long interest. The large size transitions between the understory tree canopy and lower shrub layer.

Chef’s Choice® Rosemary
An outstanding new Rosemary specially selected for its higher oil content and spicy flavor. This is the Rosemary of choice for container, herb, and kitchen gardens.

Little Gem Magnolia
'Dura-Heat' River BIrch
Pink Muhly Grass
Blue Velvet St. John's Wort
Dwarf Fothergilla
Terra Oakleaf Hydrangea

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As visitors approach our homes they first see the area of the landscape adjacent to the street. Here homeowners have an opportunity to greet passersby and provide a glimpse of the garden’s character. However, the approach to many landscapes is often visually or physically removed from the home and rests “outside” the main garden. This is certainly true for the Idea House, where roadways approach a corner of the landscape hidden from view of the home by dense trees. But that doesn’t stop the designer from making a statement.

Even in remote areas of the landscape, gardeners can create a powerful first impression with minimal effort by massing shrubs, grasses, and perennials with vibrant color or texture. In a shaded area “vibrant” may mean white, as is the case here, where a mass of Crazy White™ Echinacea brightens the understory. Year-long interest is also important. Incorporate evergreens, including those with colorful foliage, and blooms for every season.