2016 Southern Living Idea House Garden Plans

2016 Idea House Garden Plans

Southern Living Plant Collection partnered with David N. Brush Landscape Architecture Inc. to create a stunning landscape for this year's Southern Living Idea House. View 4 garden plans below, inspired by the Idea House and illustrated by Kim Toscano, that can work in any landscape. Then, download your garden plan and plant list.

Nestled in an elegant neighborhood boasting large stands of native pine and hardwoods, the Idea House embraces its graceful surroundings. Landscape materials reflect the distinctive style of the home while honoring the natural environment to create a unique sense of place. Thoughtful plant selection and placement yield a seamless transition between natural and cultivated areas of the garden. The design encompasses four distinct gardens united through subtle repetition of color and plant material. The result is a landscape that delicately balances continuity and singularity, that places the human element comfortably within the embrace of the natural world.