Vow to Go Green—DIY Wedding Decorations from the Garden Center

In the past, my company decorated more than 50 weddings a year. That’s a lot of weddings, which means a lot of flowers! It was a great learning experience, but I must say I’m pleased that time is now behind us. 

But I’d be remiss if I didn’t elaborate – the weddings were all lovely, and the brides and grooms were adorable. In fact, everything about these momentous occasions was incredible, except for clean-up and tear-down.

The effort involved was definitely worthwhile, but having to toss all of the amazing, fresh florals was heartbreaking. My team and I would beg guests to take the arrangements home. But without fail, some were always left behind. Needless to say, we had a pretty terrific compost pile at our shop.

This particular ceremony space we created, however, is definitely one for keeps! We made it special, not only for your big day, but also to be shared with family and friends. 

How to create a ceremony space:

Step 1: Choose your ceremony space. We were lucky to have an amazing southern pecan orchard as our backdrop.

Step 2: Remove all pots from your plants. I personally love the natural look of roots. (Tip: If you are getting married inside, be sure to place a piece of clear plastic under your plants.)

Step 3: Begin layering your plants in a row, starting at the end away from the bride and groom. Place two hydrangeas on that end.

Step 4: Then, add three Queen Mum™ Agapanthus next to the hydrangeas, and place the other two on the opposite end, closest to the bride and groom.

Step 5: Place five Rosalinda® Indian Hawthorne on each side, and then fill in the gaps with Early Bird™ Lavender Crapemyrtle.

Step 6: This last step is not necessary, but if you absolutely must have flowers in your ceremony space, add a few pots of impatiens.

Simple, green, and gorgeous – don’t let these beauties go to waste! At the end of day you may either take them home or share them with family and friends. Either way, make sure that the only flowers being tossed at your wedding are the ones in the bride’s bouquet.

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  • 12- 1 gallon white impatiens (choose any color)

  • 10 Queen Mum™ Agapanthus

  • 10 Early Bird™ Lavender Crapemyrtle

  • 10 Rosalinda® Indian Hawthorne

  • 4 ‘Big Daddy’ Hydrangeas