Top 5 Privacy Hedge Plants

Oakland™ Holly

Hollies are among the top choices for privacy plantings and for good reason. Their dense, evergreen foliage and upright form make for a reliable wall. The distinctive oak-shaped leaves of Oakland™ Holly set this variety apart. An elegant selection that is also easy to maintain, Oakland™ requires little pruning and will add a flush of color to the winter landscape with red berries.

Bigfoot™ Cleyera

As the name suggests, Bigfoot™ is a giant among cleyera, reaching heights of 15-20 feet. A fast-growing shrub, Bigfoot™ produces a uniform blanket of glossy evergreen leaves that are free from disease. Its narrow profile allows Bigfoot™ to be used in small spaces needing full enclosure.


A privacy hedge that produces beautiful blooms – talk about a good neighbor. Southern Living Plant Collection has a diverse collection of camellias that fit any garden.  For a taller hedge, Alabama Beauty™ offers rosy-red blooms and excellent form that requires little pruning. The pure white flowers of Diana™ Camellia fit any garden palette and brighten shady corners of the yard. Camellias are a bit slower-growing but reward you with gorgeous rose-like blossoms in the fall. What more can we ask for in a hedge?

Olive Martini™ Elaegnus

Add a splash of color to your screen with the variegated foliage of Olive Martini™ Elaegnus. The green leaves are edged in gold creating a vibrant backdrop to the garden. New growth takes on silvery hues for added interest. Elaegnus have long been known as dependable, sturdy shrubs for growing hedges. Tiny cream-colored flowers hide along the branches, but will delight you with their fragrance.

Red Diamond™ Midsize Loropetalum

Not all privacy shrubs need to be 10 feet tall.  A dense, shoulder-height shrub can create a cozy intimate space. The deep burgundy foliage of Red Diamond™ offers something a little different in the realm of privacy hedges. Foliage retains its vivid color all year long and is adorned with vibrant rosy-red blooms in late winter to early spring and sporadically summer and fall.

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