Stack it up: How to create an easy vertical container garden

What's not to love about Evercolor® 'Everillo' Carex? This easy-care grass offers bright foliage year round.

For maximum appeal, choose a striking, multicolor container – I selected a pair of blue ombré pots, which bear a complementary hue to the contents. Then, stack the containers to create visual impact.

How to create a quick and easy vertical container:

Step 1: Fill the 12-inch container with soil and pack firmly. This will be your base container.

Step 2: Place the 8-inch container on top of the soil toward the back of the 12-inch container. This allows more planting space in the front.

Step 3: Fill the top container with several inches of soil ensuring enough space is left to plant the 'Everillo' Carex.

Step 4: Remove one 'Everillo' Carex from its original pot and loosen the roots.

Step 5: Place the 'Everillo' Carex in the top container and add soil around the plant as needed. 

Step 6: Remove the two remaining Carex from their pots, loosen the roots and plant in the front portion of the bottom container. 

Tip: 'Everillo' Carex does not need much room to grow and works well for smaller pots. However, the bigger the pot, the larger the plant will grow. Also, these easy care plants do not need a lot of water. For best results, water once a week during the winter and twice a week in the summer.


  • 1— 8 " Container
  • 1—12" Container
  • Small bag of soil
  • 3 'Everillo' Carex