Shine Bright with this Garden Project!

Take a look at the how-to video here.

Materials Needed:

  1. 3 Round Galvanized Tubs 
    Tip: Don't forget to drill 2-3 holes in the bottoms of your tubs if they are not pre-drilled!
  2. Bronze Paint
  3. Painter's Tape
  4. Paint Brush
  5. River Rock
  6. Potting Soil
  7. 'Orange Rocket' Barberry
  8. 'Sunshine' Ligustrum


  1. Place painter's tape around galvanized tubs

  2. Paint the tub with bronze paint and allow to dry for 24 hours - once completely dry, remove tape.


  1. Place river rock in the bottom of galvanized tubs - this will cut down on the amount of soil that is necessary to fill the tub!
  2. Add soil to the tubs.
  3. Plant one 'Orange Rocket' Barberry plant in the center of the tub and plant three 'Sunshine' Ligustrum plants around the 'Orange Rocket' Barberry.
    Tip: Be careful of 'Orange Rocket' Barberry's small thorns.

  4. Place your tubs in the landscape at the corner of a fence line or along a property line to create an instant border!