Mum-Free Fall Decorating

by blogger, Beth, of Unskinny Boppy

I teamed up with my good friends at the Southern Living Plant Collection to show y’all some great fall porch decorating ideas that don’t have a single mum in sight. These plants are made to last all year long, for many years to come!

You can never go wrong with big piles of pumpkins for fall decorating, but I choose one pretty Cinderella pumpkin to put on a stump pedestal. I love the pop of blueish-green Beyond Blue festuca peeking out behind that orange pumpkin!

This pretty perennial tolerates all sorts of extreme weather. Give me a low maintenance plant any day of the week, and festuca is right up at the top of that list. It should grow to fill that pot and spill right over the sides.

Another one of my favorite low maintenance plants is Purple Pixie Loropetalum. I used my rusty metal orbs inside my urns and planted them with the 2 gallon “Purple Pixie” variety.

I planted the weeping loropetalum to look like it had grown up and over the orb: 

Doesn’t it look like it’s been well-established and grown right around that orb?

I’m so happy with these pretty urns. I have had a weeping loropetalum growing in a whisky barrel for about five years now, and it’s done great, so I know these urns will last me a long time.

Here’s the best part– these are dwarf varieties, so they grow low and slow. I love that it doesn’t get very big because that means there is no trimming required, unlike the unruly Loropetalum shrub cousins who would literally eat my house if I didn’t keep them trimmed back.