Gardening and Landscaping for Small Spaces

Whether designing with beds, containers, landscape features or all the above, use long, straight lines to give the illusion that your space is larger than it is.

Plan your design so that plants and features follow horizontal and vertical lines around the silhouette of your space.

Horizontal beds and small plant containers provide intimate low lines while vertical trees, trellises, and other tall structures provide contrast and a sense of movement without consuming needed ground space.

The Southern Living® Plant Collection offers perfect small space vertical solutions as Early Bird™ Crapemyrtles grow up to a manageable 5 - 8’ and 'Sophia' and 'Vivian' Vogue® Mandevillas love to spread beauty up the trellis.

Vertical features certainly can be the focal point of a small area, but you can add even more drama with a water feature. Construct a miniature rock or water garden, water fall, or water fountain in a corner to incorporate fluidity and relaxation. The rounded rocks and pool will soften the lines and allow you to select from a variety of water-loving plants such as Little Black Magic™ Dwarf Elephant Ear. A water feature is the perfect complement for all shapes and sizes.

Arrange plants, containers, and features so that the tallest are in the back and the shortest are in the front. Follow the same method when designing containers and window boxes with multiple plants, but add spiller plants in the front. Spiller plants, such as Purple Pixie® Weeping Loropetalums, help maximize space and variety.

Select a combination of complementary warm and cool colored plants and containers.

Warm colors appear closer to the eye and therefore should be placed in the back of the bed or container. To give the impression of depth, graduate from deep cool colors to white. For an example using the Southern Living® Plant Collection’s perennials and annuals, start with the romantic red 'Sophia' Vogue® Mandevilla.

Cool things off with 'Cajun Blue' Scaevola. Bring it all down with 'Princess Blush' Verbena. Not only does this match consider color and size, but all varieties share similar growth characteristics and bloom spring to fall.