Easy No Fuss Holiday Garland

This Christmas give Santa the grandest of all entrances — one that will score some extra stuffers for your stockings!

With the help of some fantastic evergreen garland, you can deck your halls, not to mention your doorways, banisters, and mantels.

Sophisticated and seasonal—garland has it all!

This particular garland is completely natural.

There is no fuss, just incredible results that will make an elegant entryway for the handsome man in red.

For additional greenery, ask your friends to check their gardens. They will certainly want to do their part and help put another twinkle in Santa’s eye!

Follow these 7 easy steps:

Step 1: Stretch out your garland and untwine each piece of artificial foliage. 

Tip: For more space and a much easier clean-up, try making your garland in your driveway.

Step 2: Start by adding the wispy pieces of deodar cedar. Wrap the foliage around the bottom of the stems working all the way down the garland.

Step 3: Next layer in cryptomeria. Its vibrant color will create a striking contrast. 

Step 4: After the larger pieces of greenery have been placed, I like to place my garland where it will live for the rest of the season.

In this case, it’s our fireplace mantel! It makes it much easier to work with when adding in the smaller clippings.

Step 5: Take your clippings of Yewtopia® Plum Yew and place them along the garland.

Step 6: Next, layer in the carolina sapphire and Oakland™ Holly . Be sure to strategically stagger in each piece.

Step 7: Supplement your garland with pine cones giving it even more texture.

Now that it’s complete, if you haven’t done so during preparation, hang your garland somewhere Santa will be sure to see it.

*Don’t forget to mist your greenery twice a week with a spray bottle filled with water.

Santa really appreciates a green-thumb.

Don’t be surprised if your attention to detail and lovely holiday décor wins you a spot on the ‘Nice’ list this year!


  • 10' artificial garland 
  • Clippings of Oakland™ Holly and Yewtopia® Plum Yew
  • Clippings of Deadore Cedar, Cyrptomeria, Carolina Sapphire