Camellias in Mason Jars

Get creative this fall with a DIY container featuring Camellias from the Southern Living® Plant Collection.

Create hanging containers using mason jars and Camellias, adding color and flair around the inside and outside of your home. Follow these steps for your own DIY Camellia mason jars!

Step 1: Clip Southern Living® Camellias from your garden. We chose blooms from the lovely and bright Pink Stella™ Camellia.

Step 2: Gather materials.

Step 3: Fill your mason jars with water jewels. We purchased ours at Michaels®. These water jewels are lighter than filling with water, and easily reusable, while adding a nice texture inside the jars.

Step 4: Screw the outer rim of the mason jar back on and wrap twine around. Form knots on either side, with extra twine to use for hanging.

Step 5: Remove lower leaves from your clipped Camellia blooms. This will help them slide easily into the jars, as well as allow room for arranging your other clipped blooms.

Step 6: Arrange Camellias as desired.

Step 7: Hang your beatiful arrangements around your home, such as the entryway fence to your house, and enjoy!


  • Southern Living® Camellias
  • Pruners
  • Mason Jars
  • Twine
  • Water Jewels
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