Let the Sunshine In

Whether used as a specimen or planted in mass, ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum’s golden foliage and compact habit are ideal for a sunny mixed border planting.

The bright yellow foliage lends itself equally well to pairings with purple and blue flowers and foliage, or a hot mix of red, yellow and orange. The later color scheme is perfect for a sunny corner of the landscape, where the energy and motion of these warm colors tend to intensify.

Perfect Partners

Pair ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum with red with yellow-throated daylilies for a vibrant display of texture and color. The yellow throats of these daylilies echo ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum's golden hue, while the giant red petals scream for attention. The strappy daylily foliage creates fabulous textural contrast. For yearlong color, mix in Oxblood Lily.

The soft foliage and sturdy size of Lydia™ Tecoma creates a lively backdrop to ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum. An endless stream of yellow blossoms adds further interest to the mix. For added interest, echo gold throughout large plantings with Miss Lemon™ Abelia, and Evercolor® ‘Everillo’ Carex.

The variegated blades of ‘Gold Breeze’ Miscanthus provide structural contrast to ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum as well as a soft color complement. Break up the mix with the solid green foliage and stunning scarlet flower spikes of Saucy™ Red Salvia.

Dynamic Designs

Endless possibilities exist for creating dynamic plantings with ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum. Designs could prominently feature a rich combination of yellow, red and orange, or you could successfully pair ‘Sunshine’ Ligustrum’s golden hue with contrasting purple tones.