Red Spider Lily

Lycoris radiata

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Red blooms that appear in early fall; returns year after year. This triploid mule has proven Texas tough and, while not producing seed, it offsets quite readily and produces more bulbs and larger flowers than its modern counterpart from Japan. Some say that the flowers bloom two weeks after the first good fall rain. The foliage follows the flower, staying green well through the winter and into late spring.


Bloom/Feature Red Lily blooms that appear in early fall; return year after year
Plant Type Fall Bulbs
Evergreen or Deciduous Deciduous
USDA Zones 6,7,8,9,10
Zone Detail Hardy to -10 F
Key Features heat tolerance, drought tolerance, water-wise, reblooming, fall blooming
Use border, container, accent
Exposure Full-sun to Part-shade
Bloom Season fall
Dimension 18-24" H x clumping
Growth Rate Moderate to fast growth


Water Natural Southern rainfall
Soil Type Any
Fertilizer Mix in low amount of an even N-P-K before planting
Pruning None

Planting Instructions

Plant in full winter sun
Soil should be 2-3” over the bulb
Only needs natural rainfall, but irrigation is o.k.