Plant Made Presents

It’s time to start gearing up for the ultimate gift-giving season! Here are three ways to translate your passion for plants into personalized presents for loved ones. 

Gift No. 1 – For The Gardener

This is a great gift for your best gardening guy or gal. Simply decorate a lovely basket and fill with one Obsession™ Nandina, gardening gloves, a spade, and a decorative container. Use this combination or create your own inspired design. Either way, your friends will be delighted to receive everything they need to make their own container garden this Christmas. 

Tip: Depending on how many plants you gift, include a bag of soil as well.

Gift No.2 – For The "Foodie" Gardener

Baking is a traditional part of the holidays, and with edibles from the Southern Living® Plant Collection, you can elevate your recipes and impress friends and family! These lovely plants include Blackberries and Blueberries, which can be easily used in pies, granola bars, and treats of all kinds! For the "foodie" gardener on your gift list, why not create a simple recipe book, featuring family creations as well as recipes offered from Southern Living? Get creative, and remember to include the delicious varieties offered from the Southern Living® Plant Collection.

Gift No. 3 – For The Entertainer

For the friend or family member who loves to entertain, there is no better gift than one that can grow beautifully by their front door! To assemble, simply plant an Oakland™ Holly in a large, decorative pot of your choosing. (Maybe it could be your giftee’s favorite color). Next, nestle gold and white ornaments of various styles and sizes in the soil. Add decorative pinecones for extra flair, and maybe even go the extra step and incorporate some garland around the base of the container. Your growing gift will serve as a festive holiday display for your party-planning loved ones. Then, once the holidays are over, your recipients will be able to enjoy their beautiful container for future celebrations. 

Tip: Ensure the giftee knows the plant needs to drink all the water in the container before watering it again.

Giving gifts should be just as exciting for you as it will be for your loved ones. This year, make the most of the gift-giving experience with no worries. Have fun! Be creative! Let our fabulous plants do all the work for you.