Festive Plant Centerpiece for Fourth of July

When it comes to the Fourth of July, it's okay to get a little kitschy with your design. In fact, it's almost expected! That is why I was so excited to create a fun and festive Fourth of July tablescape inspired by California Wine Country.

In an attempt to contrast the hot heat of July, I used a cool and refreshing color palette of mostly blue. In addition to the calming color scheme, we topped off our tablescape with a centerpiece full of ice cream! Rather than garnishing our frozen treat with a cherry on top, we used hydrangea and queen mum blooms instead. That’s right—we put flowers in our food! To some, this might seem like a culinary sin but this daring detail can make all the difference in giving your tablescape a bold look.

How to create a festive Fourth of July centerpiece:

Materials Needed:

  • Chicken feeder 
  • Ice cream and all the fixings
  • 7 ‘Big Daddy’ Hydrangea blooms
  • 7 Jubilation™ Gardenia blooms 
  • 4 Queen Mum™ Agapanthus blooms 
  • Mini American flags
  • Black trash bag
  • 3 grease dispensers
  • Rock salt
  • Ice


Step 1: Line your chicken feeder with a thick plastic trash bag and fill with ice. (Hint: We did this two hours prior to our guests arriving and kept it inside over the kitchen sink while preparing.)

Step 2:  Fill your grease dispensers with two cups of rock salt and place your pint sized ice cream inside. 

Step 3:  Place your three grease dispensers into the ice. Be sure to leave room for all of the fun stuff, too!

Step 4:  Fill in the empty spaces with your cut blooms Queen Mum™ Agapanthus, ‘Big Daddy’ Hydrangea and Jubilation™ Gardenia. The best part is the ice keeps the flowers nice and cool for those hot summer nights.

Step 5:  Add flags and any other Fourth of July themed accessories to set the tone for celebration and to put your party guests in a partying mood.

Not only do you have a funky centerpiece full of bright summer blooms, but it’s also edible! Not to mention the fact that it’s keeping your blooms nice and cool. Always remember this trick for those hot summer nights.

For added fun, we created place-settings for each guest including a mini colander full of fresh berries and everything you need to make a refreshing coke float. Happy Fourth of July! It’s as good of an excuse as any to enjoy a warm summer day full of flowers, food, family and friends.