Giving Thanks with the Southern Living® Plant Collection

Create these warm and welcoming autumnal decorations straight from your yard. Mix and match color, texture, and size to dynamically show contrast and balance.

1.  Pretty Pies, Oh My! 

The Southern Living Plant Collection sure can decorate baked goods, and even offers some edibles perfect for filling them, too! Place fresh clipped flowers and twigs around casseroles and pies or place some on top. Choose Yewtopia® Plum Yew as a modern alternative to the more winter festive Holly. The Camellia pictured above is Early Wonder® Camellia but October Magic® Inspiration™ Camellia is another great choice.

2.  Keeping It Simple Centerpieces 

Collect any remaining blooms from annuals, perennials, and tropicals along with fall foliage from shrubs, trees, and ornamental grasses and place them in assorted vases along the center of the table or buffet. Layer varying textures and colors to provide depth and interest, for example, combine the feathery and delicate green foliage of 'Soft Caress' Mahonia with vibrant red Obsession™ Nandina and double white October Magic® Snow™ Camellia. I used Early Wonder® Camellia.


3.  Foliage-filled Hurricanes 

Who says hurricane lamps and vases are for candles only? On Thanksgiving morning, clip fresh flowers and fall foliage and arrange them inside the hurricane lamp or vase. Fill the lamp or vase to the top (perfect for little ones running around) or place small flowers and foliage only around the bottom, leaving room for a tall candle in the middle. Candle light is sure to bring out the colors in Blush Pink™ Nandina and Flirt™ Nandina.


4.  More Than Just A Pumpkin 

Show your modern style by hollowing out a pumpkin and either carving it into a vase or basket with a handle. Make it more elegant or fun by painting the outside of the pumpkin in fall designs or glam it up with glitter and gems. Just add water, freshly clipped flowers and fall foliage and voila! Try October Magic® Orchid™ Camellia with Purple Pixie® Weeping Loropetalum or 'Spider's Web' Fatsia hanging down the sides for a powerful impact.

Tip:  For a long-lasting and reusable alternative, I used a faux, carvable pumpkin.


5.  Floating Fall 

Fill a shallow, wide bowl or vase with water and add flowers and colored leaves rather than floating candles. Create drama with Purple Diamond® Loropetalum foliage.

Tip:  Cut pieces of bubble wrap to help float heavy flowers.