Carmen’s Favorites

Carmen’s Favorites photographs

1. Purple Pixie® Loropetalum

A garden favorite of many, Purple Pixie® Loropetalum is an excellent choice for a versatile, dwarf size, weeping loropetalum.  You can use Purple Pixie as a groundcover, hanging basket, or a window box. This loropetalum offers rich purple foliage and, in spring, features showy magenta ribbon-like blooms. 

Carmen’s Favorites photographs

2. Flirt™ Nandina

Flirt™ Nandina features stunning, deep red new growth that accentuates the evergreen leaves. One of the best things about Flirt is that it keeps its beautiful color throughout summer unlike similar varieties. This nandina can be used as an accent, container planting, or a mass planting. 

Carmen’s Favorites photographs

3. Mojo® Pittosporum

Mojo® Pittosporum offers so many great attributes. In the spring, its lovely dense green and yellow foliage is accompanied by orange blossom scented blooms. Mojo® is perfect for foundation plantings and hedges – and thrives well in coastal areas too! In addition, Mojo® is heat tolerant, drought tolerant and water-wise.  

Carmen’s Favorites photographs

4. Bronze Beauty™ Cleyera

What a beauty! Bronze Beauty™ Cleyera makes an ideal hedge with its rich bronze and green foliage and uniform look. Bronze Beauty isn't hard to please – it enjoys sun or shade and is heat tolerant.