DIY Solution: Make over a fence line with Southern Living® Plant Collection shrubs

An adjacent fence or structure that’s not your style can put a damper on backyard dreams of the ideal landscape. Thankfully, plants are an easy, budget-friendly and neighbor-friendly solution for making over a fence line. Recently, we added Yewtopia® Plum Yew to our shared fence line in an attempt to spruce it up, but still felt something was missing. On cue, the Southern Living® Plant Collection sent me a few plants – October Magic® Orchid Camellia and Pink Stella™ Camellia – that fit the bill perfectly. Armed with these new materials, I embarked on creating a bed everyone could enjoy.

Here's how to execute a fence-line makeover:

Step 1: Layout all of your plants and arrange them however you desire. Be mindful of the fact your plants will grow and keep their potential size in mind when choosing their location. For example, the camellias I chose are 3-gallon specimens and can grow up to 5-8 feet tall and wide.

Step 2: Dig your holes about 1 1/2 times the size of the root ball. Before planting be sure the root ball is saturated. I like to soak mine in gallon buckets for a few hours prior to planting.

Step 3: Plant your October Magic® Orchid Camellia and Pink Stella™ Camellia , but not too deep. Basically, you don't want to let the soil touch the top of root ball.

Step 4: Mulch and water well!

Keep in mind camellias need to be planted in well-drained soil. Visit your local garden center for camellia fertilizer and apply according to the label. Spring is the best time for application, just ensure the flowers have dropped prior to fertilizing.

The plants I have chosen for the fence line create the most beautiful blooms around mid-October. This makes me absolutely giddy because I will have something lovely to bring inside, meaning this makeover is a win-win!

Here are three additional tips for hiding a not-so-fabulous fence:

1. Use plants that are green year round

2. Create layers with plants that vary in height

3. Choose plants that add color so that you can show off a pretty bloom at least once a year