Best Dressed Doorway

The time for celebrating has arrived! One of my favorite things about the holiday season is having the perfect excuse to go out and buy a new outfit for any and every occasion. Whether it’s an annual office party or a special dinner with family and friends, every girl knows the importance of dressing your very best. I also enjoy hosting my own holiday parties. In order to have the best dressed doorway this season, there are three key pieces that you absolutely must have: glamorous garland, a statement wreath and a party skirt for your container gardens.

How to accessorize your entryway with garland:

Step 1: Soak all of your greenery a day in advance in order to guarantee a long-lasting, luscious look.

Step 2: Flatten the artificial garland to prepare a place for your gorgeous greenery.

Step 3: Trim each piece of greenery into 8-inch branches. Then, gather one piece of each and create a bundle. Repeat until you have enough bunches of greenery to place the length of the garland. 

Step 4: Finally, attach each bunch to the garland, using the flattened artificial stems to secure the greenery. Repeat this step the length of the garland, staggering as you go.

You can use the same technique to create a wreath for your front door. Simply begin with an artificial wreath as the base and follow steps 2-5 from the garland how-to above.

With just a few easy steps both you and your doorway are ready to celebrate in style. All of your guests will be nothing short of impressed.

Happy Holidays! 


  • Artificial piece of garland
  • Oakland™ Holly
  • Yewtopia® Plum Yew
  • Cryptomeria
  • Little Gem Magnolia
  • Leyland Cypress