What makes the Southern Living Collection easy to love is simple! The quality of the plant material remains consistently high even after an extended amount of time is spent in it's container. Gardening can be extremely frustrating when you live in Oklahoma City (zone 7) and DFW (zone 8) since we often experience down to zone 5-6 winter temperatures. Couple that with the sad reality of the summer heat and lack of moisture being the only season with consistent weather! With all the uncertainty that this region throws at gardeners season after season, it's a relief knowing that Southern Living plants simply laugh at that adversity and continue to thrive! Tim Henson Rose Gardener Fort Worth Botanic Garden

Posted by: Tim Henson, Rose Gardener: Fort Worth Botanic Garden
Posted: Oct 02, 2015
Fort Worth, TX

Southern Living's Jubilation Gardenia has been a proven winner in my experience. It is a low maintenance shrub that remains healthy through adverse weather, and puts on quite a show during bloom time. Jubilation Gardenia is one that I will continue to use in my designs.

Posted by: Joni Payne Young, PLA, ASLA, young squared studios, llc
Posted: Sep 22, 2014
Decatur, GA

My Scentsation™ Gardenia began blooming yesterday for the first time, and by nightfall it had opened up even more. I can't believe that there are 50 total blooms about to burst forth on that tiny little plant! The Dear Dolores™ Hydrangea has really taken off, expanding every day to my great pleasure--and sporting gorgeous blue/purple shaded blooms. And both shrub rose bushes (All a Flutter and Majesty) seem to be competing to see which one can produce the most blooms and expand the fastest -- All a Flutter is winning at the moment! (You) deserve a round of applause for all the hard work you do in seeing that (we) are equipped with the best plants for Southern climates!

Posted by: Radell Smith
Posted: Jul 15, 2014

The great plants in the Southern Living™ Plant Collection have made a huge impact on our 250 Linnaeus Volunteers and on the thousands of visitors to the Linnaeus Teaching Garden in Tulsa. Hardly a day goes by that local gardens don’t inquire about such beauties as Purple Diamond® Loropetalum, Blush Pink® Nandina and the incredibly beautiful Early Bird™ Crapemyrtles. Having grown up in the Deep South, the Jubilation™ Gardenia has been a special delight to me. The sweet heady aroma fills an entire section of the garden.

Posted by: Barry Fugatt of the Linneaus Garden
Posted: Jun 26, 2010
Tulsa, OK

Here at Chandor Gardens, we're using Purple Pixie® in pockets on the side of a stone wall to provide a cascading waterfall effect. Purple Diamond® is the quintessential accent shrub---sized right, never needs pruning, rich purple foliage all year, and the spring blast of flowers that rivals the azaleas...what more could you ask for? And as good as those varieites are, Emerald Snow® stole the show this spring with its blizzard of white blossoms. It was so luscious, I had lots of people ask me if it was real...several of whom required a blossom or two as proof. All these beauties proved to be tough as nails in the garden---no insect or disease problems, adaptable to different soil types, and most importantly here in Texas, heat tolerant.

Posted by: Steven Chamblee of Chandor Gardens
Posted: Jun 22, 2010
Weatherford, TX

The unique climate in Norfolk allowed us to select interesting combinations of plants from the Southern Living™ Plant Collection that are new to our local wholesale plant market. Norfolk Botanical Garden now has a lush, inviting entrance that sparks many compliments, thanks to the Southern Living™ Plant Collection.

Posted by: Brian O'Neil of the Norfolk Botanical Garden
Posted: Jun 22, 2010
Norfolk, VA

I don't if it was the cold winter that has made such beautiful blooms this spring or what, but all of our Loropetalum are just breathtaking in bloom this spring. People are stopping to ask, "What is that in bloom?" They are blooming as much as an azalea!

Posted by: Dee Johnson of Sandhills Community College
Posted: Apr 20, 2010
Pinehurst, NC